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July 20 2014

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Truer words have never been spoken. Just a helpful image for some of you who are having a pretty bad day, and would rather be fishing! :)
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If your low on money, why not right up a normal kayak with the mounts and rods that you might normally get with an angler kayak? It will save you money and you can customize it to your liking. Here is a video of a guy doing just that.
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This shows how to tie a clinchknot, the most common knot that fishemen use.
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Fishing Kayak Features, and Proper Mounting

When it comes to your kayak, there are a lot of features that you can get away with skimping on if you are an avid angler. For instance speed is something that you couldn’t care less about, as long as you can get from point A to point B in a stable and easy manner, you shouldn’t really care. Having said that, there are other attributes which every fishing kayak has, that makes it a bit more expensive, yet quite a bit better than your standard run of the mill, all purpose kayaks, so lets have a look.

Proper Mounting For Your Kayak

The single biggest attribute which really sets angler kayaks apart from their peers, Is the sheer number of mounts that they come with. If you were to line all the makes and models together, you should easily be able to tell which model is which, because fishing varieties look like small boats more than they do small single manned vessels. One of the ways these models can get away with having so many mounts, is because of their size and width. The extra size gives them the ability to add many different add ons, such as a trolling motor, fish finder, or even a peddle system.

On average however, the main reason why you have the additional mounts, is to set up rods. In my experience, you can set up as many as 4 rods without much trouble, and with the proper room and stability inside the kayak itself, you shouldn’t have much issue collecting your fish, or jigging either.

How to Mount a Fish Finder

Another feature which really shows that you are purposeful with what you are doing, is the ability to add on a fish finder system. While other styles are longer and are speed driven, fishing models are totally designed for stability, so the extra weight doesn’t matter much. Having said that, every fish finder system requires a couple of important features to be taken care of. First of all, you have to properly mount a transponder, so that the echo sound coming from the finder can give a proper signal. This involves mounting your fish finder near the front of the boat, and away from any kind of trolling motor if you have installed it. Good finders also have an adapter to allow for GPS navigation. GPS navigation is important because you need to be able to properly navigate home if you venture too far up stream or down a river.

Most fishing models are outfitted with scupper holes that you can easily push the transponder through. However, if your model does not come fully equipped to handle the transponder addon, you might have to drill. To do this, purchase some water proof plugs, and drill your holes away from where you are sitting in the cockpit. Apply the scupper plugs, and that is it, you are ready to go to work.

Final Analysis

That is it, there is no great mystery to purchasing the best fishing kayak, but you still need to take the time and go through the trouble of finding attributes which mesh well with your set up. Luckily, most models come built with these features in mind, so as long as you aren’t expecting to win a racing contest or dive out of one, you should be set.
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Here is a nice comparison of the different types of kayaks you can use. Notice they are all different.
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Check out this angler kayak, the Old Town Predator. This bad boy is the hottest thing on the market right now, and is considered the best all around kayak by many of us in the know.

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my Fishing Blog! If you find yourself interested in anything that I am writing, feel free to contact me through email and we can exchange notes, and maybe even go fishing together! In the meantime, enjoy my blog, my hope is to teach people who find themselves on here, so that they can become better anglers!

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